When Is It Time To Clean The Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Owning a business is not a joke especially if it involves meals or food. When you enter the food industry, you have to keep in mind that you to feed not just your bank account but also people with good, healthy and clean food. There are a lot of problems that may occur if you accidentally serve food that is far from what people expect.

One of the things to closely look at is exhaust hood. Exhaust hood is very important to keep the kitchen not only clean but also fresh and comfortable. Business owners are not as particular with exhaust hood cleaning simply because they think that it won’t affect their business as much. But actually, there is a huge negative impact when cleaning is not performed exactly or best earlier when it is needed.

Sure, it is not done every day, but waiting for untoward accidents to happen like fire, and bad odor is not the right way to decide when cleaning should be done. Cleaning should be done on a regular basis or else, expect the unexpected. Cleaning schedule of the exhaust and hood differs on the traffic and the activities happening in the kitchen.

Moving on, here are some of the things you have to make sure you know about cleaning the exhaust and hood.

  • Hoods that are used over appliances that are not greasy is required to be cleaned every year
  • Oven hoods and pizza restaurants need hood and exhaust cleaning every 180 days
  • Average traffic in hotels, cafeterias and restaurants require 90 day cleaning
  • Restaurants that are operations 24/7, charcoal burning or wood burning stoves, fast food and hamburger restaurants’ hood and exhaust must be cleaned every 30 days

The days stated above are just the benchmark but can be sooner depending on the overall traffic a commercial space received. And just so you know, it is not only commercial establishments that require hood and exhaust cleaning but households too.

Needless to say, there are many cleaning companies offering such service, and it is preferred especially for commercial establishments to hire their service. You would not want to leave the job just to any cleaning company especially that there are a lot of benefits you can from hiring this kind of service.

When looking for a cleaner to hire, it is necessary that you consider not just their rate but also their experience and expertise. Needless to say, there are companies who offer their service at a good rate but promise a service that is high in quality and give assurance to their service.

With the many cleaning companies to choose from, it is a must that you take as much time as you can when choosing who to hire. And also, it is best if you stick with just one cleaning company so they know the history of your hood and exhaust. During cleaning, make sure that inspection is also performed to ensure that exhaust and hood are working in its best condition, all the time.

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