The Top Reasons To Buy a Stairlift Rather Than Rent One.

If you are thinking about making some upgrades to your property with regards to your mobility or you are a business owner wanting to attract better employees to your business then it’s likely that you are considering getting yourself a stairlift and you’re not sure whether you should rent one or you should buy one out. There are some benefits to renting and there are other benefits to purchasing it.

The good news for you is that there are several new stairlifts in Evesham and they are available to you right now at very competitive prices. Due to their popularity all across the United Kingdom, stairlifts have become more affordable than ever.

  • It is a company asset – When you purchase your stairlift and pay in full, it becomes a company asset and therefore it is subject to a tax rebate. This helps to drive the price down even further than it is now and should you decide to move business premises then it is something that can be uninstalled and easily brought with you.
  • It works out a lot cheaper – if you decide to rent your stairlift then it might be in place for many years and so the rental costs over that period could amount to a significant amount of money and a lot more than it would have cost to have bought it in the first place.

These are the top two reasons why it makes perfect sense to purchase your stairlift rather than rent one.

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