The Three best Window Frame Materials For Your Oxfordshire Home

Replacing the windows in your Oxfordshire home can help transform it and make a statement, increasing curb appeal and making it seem welcoming. There are many options available of materials you can consider for your window frames, but they are not all as good as each other, with each having pros and cons. You will need to select a practical material that also looks fantastic, and there are a couple of options you can consider using. Below are the three best materials you can use for your window frames to help them stand out from your neighbours.

Aluminium Window Frames

When looking for a modern, stylish, and low-maintenance material, aluminium window frames are an excellent option. They are on the higher end of the price scale, but they provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and they are also available in various colours. They can be an excellent investment for your home and last up to 45 years, and to maintain them, all you do is clean them with soapy water. You may need to repaint them after a few years, but nowhere near as often as wooden windows. When looking for aluminium windows, Oxfordshire has many reputable companies that can install them at an affordable and fair price if you look around hard enough.

Wooden Window Frames

When you have a property that s old and full of character, you may want to consider wooden window frames, which can look fantastic. You can use various wood types for your window frames, but you are best using quality hardwood for them. They have excellent thermal and acoustic properties and are available in various finishes and colours. You can opt for a natural finish and stain the wood or paint it any colour you wish, but you will need to repeat this every couple of years for the duration of their 25-year estimated lifespan. You pay the price for them looking this good, as they are the highest maintenance option you can choose for your window frames.

Composite Window Frames

Another excellent option you can consider for your home is composite windows, another of the highest-cost materials you can choose. However, they can use various materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl, to make fantastic-looking windows that are also highly efficient. They have excellent thermal and acoustic protection, and they are resistant to moisture, warping, and rotting. The energy-efficient design of composite window frames is also environmentally friendly, an important factor for many people when making consumer choices. They can also last a lifetime, estimated at around 50-60 years, so they may be the last windows you ever need to buy.

These are the three best materials you can choose for your window frames, and before making your choice, you may want to do some further research. You need to look at the cost and the lifespan of the window frames, but also how much care and attention they will require over the years to help you select the best option for you. Ensure you get multiple quotes for your ideal windows, and you may find yourself a bargain.

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