The Art Of The Skirting Boards: How To Make Your Home Look Beautiful

We all have that one friend who can make even the ugliest home look beautiful. They have their unique style, and that spills over into every aspect of their life, including their home. But you don’t have to be an interior designer or a stylist to make your home look aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination. We’ve put together this list of useful tips and tricks so that you can give your home the style and beauty it deserves – starting with the skirting board.

What Is A Skirting Board?

Skirting boards are a piece of molding that is attached to the wall and frame, or line, the floor. They serve to cover the joists from view and provide a finished look to the bottom of the walls. Skirting boards can be used in any room including kitchens, halls, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and studies.

A skirting board hides the flooring from view and provides a finished look to the bottom of your walls. In addition, it will help protect your floors from damage should something fall onto them.

Selecting a Skirtboard You must take into consideration several factors when choosing your skirtboard: height, type (wooden or metal), shape (straight or curved), color, and material. You may also want to consider adding moldings or decorative trimming to make it stand out more if you’re looking for that extra touch.

Why Is The Skirting Board So Important?

The skirting boards have several purposes in your home. It is the first line of defense against water, and it’s also the first thing you see when entering a room. The skirting board isn’t just for decoration either – the type of skirting board you choose will affect the look and feel of your room.

The skirting boards you choose can help define the theme and style of your home. For example, if you’re looking for a more formal look for your living room, try using beadboard or wainscoting as your skirting boards.

To add more warmth to a room, consider using a plank wall from floor to ceiling as your skirting board. If you have children who like to get their hands dirty, try using pegboard or metal grid panels to cover the area where they play at ground level.

Change Your Doors & Doorways

If the doorway to your home is exposed to the street, then it’s one of the first things people will see. And while many people don’t pay much attention to the way doors and doorways look, it can make a difference in your home’s overall appearance.

To spruce up your door, you can paint it or install a new one if it doesn’t match your style. You might also consider installing a faux piece of art over the door which will draw more attention to this area of your home.

Another thing you can do is change the color of your doors and doorways. Not only does this help bring more light into certain areas of your house, but it also makes them stand out more against other walls that may be monotonous in color. Installing a textured wallpaper on these surfaces will create extra depth and give it some character. A third option is buying an attractive runner for stairs or hallways.

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