Moving in together: How to find common ground when decorating

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It’s such a big step – you’re moving in together! Nothing makes such a huge difference in dating as the beginning of the life you share together. This is an exciting moment for every couple, which also comes with a set of different challenges. Adapting to life together, but also agreeing on decorating and maintaining your new home can be tough. To avoid misunderstanding and arguments make sure you have the right approach to making your nest comfortable for both of you. Here are the top tips to find common ground when decorating together with your partner.

Be open-minded and focus on the important things

Being petty when decorating a new home is something you should avoid for sure. It’s important to be open-minded about this project and most importantly – have patience. Offer more solutions to one problem, so you can work your way towards the best one. Finally, it’s essential to focus on what’s important, and that’s making your new home beautiful.

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Don’t forget why you’re doing this.


One of the best tips to find common ground when decorating is to talk about everything. If you’re both involved in this project, then you need to be sure what the other party thinks and wants. Open communication is the key to a successful agreement and a home that you both love. That’s why you should talk about your ideas and ask each other questions related to the home. Share your ideas, favorite colors, priorities, and most importantly – things you don’t like.

Start with basic items in neutral

In case your styles differ, it’s best to choose the biggest pieces in neutral colors and styles. This will create a neutral base that you can adapt with specific details. A neutral base is something you both can enjoy, without picking pieces that are too ‘out there’ in someone’s taste and style. Then, you can build your home by choosing specific details together, creating a fusion of style that you will both love.

Use the internet to help you out

If you’re not sure what are styles you both like, using Pinterest or home décor blogs can help you find common ground when decorating. Browse the ideas for a while, and make separate boards. Then, you can compare them and see what are the ideas you have in common. This can help you find that ‘middle’ and agree on how your new home will look like.

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Internet can simplify the process and help you find out more about your partners likes and dislikes. alt.tag: a couple shopping for furniture online

Using online platforms is a great way to communicate on such topics if you’re in a long-distance relationship, too. You can share ideas, browse online stores and even organize the move and make an easy transition to your new home. Long-distance relationships and the organization of the move can be tough, so always pick the easiest and safest solutions to help you overcome this challenge.

Let it go when possible

Forcing somebody to live in a place they don’t like is not right. That’s why you should make difference with the ideas you ask your partner to accept. Sometimes, it is possible to let something go and use this opportunity to buy new things and explore new design ideas. Surely, keeping your memories and sentimental pieces is alright, but try to be flexible with the other stuff. When moving in together or marrying, you need to find a way to ‘marry’ your décor tastes, too!

Be smart with the inventory

Moving in together usually includes a number of duplicates. As you’re merging two households into one, you need to be smart to create a functional and comfortable space for your new life together. Firstly, make a list of things you have, and compare the lists. There could be some duplicates, so you need to set priorities and leave one of each to avoid a messy and cluttered home. Well, how do decide which item will stay? Compare the items and pick the ones that are in a better condition, more functional, more valuable or simply – loved more. This will leave you with items you both love and use, without creating a mess in your new home.

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Leave the duplicates behind and make your new home out of the items you both truly love and use.

Get another opinion

Maybe someone outside of your new home can help you better and have a new perspective on things. A professional designer will be objective on this matter and give you the most realistic, functional, and logistic solutions for your new space. So, If you have trouble finding common ground when decorating, hiring someone to help you out is the best idea.

Start fresh

If the selection of duplicates didn’t go well, consider having a major decluttering of your households and starting fresh in your new nest. This can be pretty romantic, too – get rid of your items and go on a shopping spree together. You can easily sell your items on the internet, or have a garage sale. If you’re moving into a new neighborhood together, a garage sale can also be a great opportunity to meet new neighbors. Also, decluttering is one of the main things experts from recommend. Even though this task may not be your favorite, it can be extremely helpful when moving in and unpacking. Finally, the less clutter you both have, it will be easier to find common ground when decorating your new home.

Focus on your goal

One of the things you shouldn’t forget in this whole process is the reason you’re moving in together. Making your new home beautiful shouldn’t turn into disagreements and arguments. Instead, it should be a challenge for both of you and finish on a positive note. It’s not always easy to find a common ground when decorating, but that’s the beauty of the process!

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