Leaky Skylight Repair Tips & Diagnosis

Skylights can leak, even though they are beautiful and functional. Skylight leak repair is one of the most frequent roof leak repairs in residential roofing. Leaking skylights are not just an eyesore, but can also indicate more serious and hidden damage.

You should immediately diagnose a skylight leak and get skylight repairs done as soon as possible. A leak around your skylight could indicate that you need roofing repairs.

Step #1: Diagnosing Skylight Leaks

The first step to repairing a skylight is to find the source using a thorough inspection. It is important to ensure that the leak is not caused by excessive condensation. This happens more frequently in cold climates, single-glazed skylights, and damp areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and greenhouses.

Check that your skylight is closed tightly and that the weather seals are in good shape if it opens. Also, consider whether the leak is only winter-related, fall-related, or when snow or ice accumulates on the roof. Look behind the skylight to see if there are any leaves, ice, snow, or other debris blocking the water’s downhill flow and causing it back up under the roof tiles.

Also, you’ll want to inspect your roofing, especially the vent flashing and other roof penetrations. These leaks can travel quite far before reaching the indoor skylight opening. Hire a skilled contractor in roof repairs.

Step #2: Skylight Leak Repairs

Water may have leaked from the frame of the insulated glass window. This could have caused damage to the seal of the glass. You may be able to re-seal your skylight unit if you determine that the insulating unit of the skylight is defective. Only a replacement will be able to remove the opaque skylight glass and condensation from a window unit that has failed.

It may be possible to temporarily repair the skylight leak by using roof flashing cement around its perimeter. Proper repairs will require the removal of shingles around the skylight, the installation of appropriate flashing, and the reinstallation of new shingles. Many skylights come with integral flashing or a specially designed flashing kit for roofing materials.


  1. To seal flashing gaps, use roofing cement (can or tube).
  2. To seal any leaks around the skylight lens, use 100% silicone caulking (tube).
  3. If the skylight is still leaking then replace or repair the flashing metal around the skylight’s frame.

Is Your Skylight Leaking?

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