Landscape Installation Services in Richardson, Texas

BlueFox Outdoor Living is a reputable landscape installation with world-class customer satisfaction. Their landscaping projects include complete yard or commercial space customization, offering education on proper plant choice concerning climate, and rehabilitation instructions to ensure the clients get good value and full transparency of the job from the beginning to the end.

Exceptional Yards and Landscapes

For those who are constructing new homes or remodeling the current ones, BlueFox Outdoor Living offers complete landscape installation and design services for rental and commercial properties. Their project managers are ready to meet the homeowners to understand their vision. Then turn the dream into a reality with a plan section, removing the trees and scrub, organizing the planters and pavers, working on the lighting option, and many more.

What Of Landscape Water Features?

The water feature has proven to be an ideal way of improving a landscape. Ask about their pond installations, waterfalls, fountains, streams, and lifelike background creeks. They also provide installation of irrigation systems to ensure the new yard or landscape has the best sprinkler system to support the plants.

Open-air lighting, Entertainment, and Sound Systems

When it comes to landscaping, the perfect lighting can be everything. There are numerous options available to fix a yard or commercial property to tastefully and optimally light up space. Also, ask them about solar-powered lighting and another landscape lighting that saves energy. BlueFox also fixes outside entertainment and sound systems to fully uplift the background oasis.

Decorative Concrete on the Walkways and Driveways

This is a complete landscaping firm in all aspects. Give them a call today for any rugged driveways. They can also install fashionable walkways with ornate concrete patios to bring elegance to the outdoor living area.

What about Sports Courts and Dog Runs?

Imagine how it feels like to have private tennis, basketball, or any other court within the backyard. BlueFox can turn that vision into a reality. They can install any sports court at the property and customize it entirely to the owner’s specifications. Let them have their piece of a yard with a modified dog run explicitly designed for them to the owner’s specifications. For more details on the sports court, give them a call today!

Custom Outdoor Fire Pits and Kitchens

Having a perfectly installed outdoor kitchen defines outdoor living. The BlueFox Outdoor Living designs an attractive and practical open-air kitchen that accommodates all guests. Fire pits can also bring an extra sense of attraction to the courtyard.

Open-Air Kitchens

Gone are the days when open-air kitchens just had simple grills at the back. Here, they can design and fix a full open-air kitchen that is both appealing and operational.

Fire Pits

These provide ideal means for family and friends to gather together. Fire pits add beauty to the compound that everyone can enjoy. BlueFox Outdoor Living installs fire pits of various sizes, shapes, and materials.

The decisive living area can be attained by choosing BlueFox Outdoor Living to take care of the home or commercial outlook.

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