Know How to Make Your Own Soil with Less Efforts

Every gardener whether they are budding ones or experienced prefer to make their own potting soil from the scratch. Not only it gives gardeners satisfaction of gardening from the base as doing it yourself aids in making right proportionate potting soil.

While you are stepping just now in the garden arena, best to understand about potting soil.

It is known by other name, potting mix as it contains various elements other than soil for healthy plant growth. It is a blend or mixture of materials like manure, garden top soil usually known as loam soil and of course coir. Now, soil required for gardening is little different as it has more proportion of manure, compost and top layer soil mixed little with chemical fertilizers to be safe from moss formation.

Now, few useful tips to prepare your own garden or potting soil:

  • You firstly need to make your own organic compost. It may take time however can do by using compost bin. It is simple way to add manure to any kind of airy soil. You are adding nutrients in the soil as well as helping to retain the moisture in soil. These are the prime benefits that relates in knowing compost or manure as ‘Black soil’.

You need to collect dry kitchen waste like veggies scraps, tea leaves and even can use egg shells fully powdered. You can even add garden waste like dry leaves and stems along with the veggies waste.  All these waste elements aid in inducing nitrogen and carbon in the soil.

  • You can make mulch using weed and tea leaves. You can use the common species of weeds like dandelion and nettle that are loaded with nutrients because they have drained the soil nutrients. You can drown them in rain water for few days and then make their compost along with used tea leaves.
  • The tools you need will be big size gallon bucket, soil or dirt mixing rake, shovel and pair of thick gloves. Yes, need to think about your body hygiene as well. Many people don’t give importance to use right tools, thus they aren’t able to make right compost and garden soil.
  • The type of soil best is loamy soil, however everywhere we can’t collect such soil, thus best to use whatever soil that is free of non biodegradable elements and pebbles. It will be beneficial not to use quite sticky clay soil as it won’t let water seep through. You can even mix dirt and paper debris in the soil. While mixing compost and natural manure make sure to add little quantity of sand as well. Sand helps to retain wetness and keeps the soil airy for the roots to spread well.

While making soil better make sure to pull out any roots present. You can anytime log on to to read their blogs or to watch how to make soil from scratch with video. Their easy to follow steps tutorial are the best to make your own garden soil from the scratch.

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