How to Avoid COVID-19 Cleaning Burnout


Daily cleaning is a never-ending job, especially in covid times. With new variants evolving and threatening everyone once every few months, everyone has to amp up their sanitization efforts and clean more surfaces all the time. However, all that extra cleaning with even more chores due to work-from-home routines can burn you out. That’s why it’s best to search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to do the cleaning for you. Otherwise, you can use the following tips to avoid COVID-19 cleaning burnout:

The Details

  1. Analyze your cleaning routine – Before you start making changes, it’s best to take a step back and return to the drawing board. You need to acknowledge and analyze your existing cleaning routine and figure out why it’s burning you out. Observe from the perspective of an outsider and figure out what’s the problem.

Did you set unrealistic goals that can’t be achieved? Are you too strict on yourself when it comes to cleaning and sanitization? Are you getting discouraged from just one misstep and wrong move? Are you discouraged and suffer from stress when you can’t finish a cleaning chore? Once you ask yourself the right question, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Try out new methods – You usually burn out when you don’t have the right methods for a task. For instance, when you’re cleaning your home, you tend to take hours to get rid of the clutter, get everything organized and make it presentable enough for guests. The same goes for sanitization preparations and placing the right supplies in the right place. However, professional cleaners still manage to do a better job at half the time.

To figure out the correct and more efficient methods of sanitization and cleaning, you need to keep trying new methods. Read a book or article and watch YouTube videos to find out what new cleaning methods you can try. Everyone is always excited to try out new things and this holds for cleaning as well. When you try new cleaning methods you don’t suffer from mental fatigue and also get to figure out better ways of cleaning your home.

  1. Get the family involved – People usually get burnout when they try to do a humongous task by themselves. Even the smallest family home is large enough to be cleaned by a single person. No wonder you get both physically and mentally tired after cleaning your home. COVID-19 cleaning makes things worse by a few times since several surfaces need to be sprayed and wiped down too often.

That’s why it’s best to get the whole family involved. Keep the cleaning supplies and tools in strategic places all over the house so that everyone has easy access to them. Share the sanitizing responsibility with everyone. For instance, just like the swear jar, there can be a sanitization jar. Everyone needs to spray, and wipe clean the surfaces after they use the piece of furniture, table, or something else. If anyone can catch that family member not adhering to their responsibilities, they have to put a penny inside the jar.

Moreover, cleaning becomes a group activity when everyone is involved. For kids, you can make it into a game so that they are entertained while cleaning the home. Cleaning together can also increase the bond with your partner.

  1. Get the timing right – You also need to get the timing right to avoid cleaning burnout. You don’t want to clean during important events and waste time with distractions. For instance, apart from basic cleaning and sanitization, put off the bulk of the cleaning work when you’re preparing or getting used to a new job, a baby, or taking care of a seriously ill loved one.

You also need to pick the best time of the day for cleaning. Covid disinfecting shouldn’t take a lot of time if there are spray sanitizers all-around your home. However, most of the cleaning should be done when you’re least busy, yet mentally and physically very active. For instance, if you’re an early bird, you can clean your home during that time. For night owls, they can clean their home after dinner.

  1. Establish systems for cleaning – Similar to a reputed institution that runs well due to management with checks and balances, you need to establish an effective system for cleaning. Willpower is great and will help you push yourself at times. However, it won’t get you through the whole cleaning routine.

To start off, you need to simplify things to make cleaning easier. As mentioned above, keep a sanitizing spray and a few sets of clean microfiber cloths around the home at strategic locations. Organize the clutter into storage boxes and keep similar things together so that you don’t waste time running around the house. Establish daily routines that you can stick to. Don’t set yourself a tall goal that is unachievable. Make checklists and compile them in an order that makes the best use of your home’s layout.

  1. Take a break and reward yourself – Burnouts are common when you forget to take breaks. Yes, browsing the internet and reading a news article about a new virus variant every other day brings a lot of cleaning anxiety. However, you’re only human. If you take care of basic sanitization, wear masks, keep your home well ventilated, and get the antivirus, you’re doing pretty good. Give yourself a break and don’t stress it too much.

You can also reward yourself to keep your energy up and avoid cleaning burnout. After you have the greatest and the worst cleaning days or when you’re feeling down, buy yourself a little something. It can be a tub of ice cream or even a new and colorful scarf to beat the cold.


Use the above-mentioned tips to make cleaning more seamless. Everyone has limits and you don’t want to hit them any time soon. It’s necessary to take care of your physical and mental health during these times. To ease your burdens, you can also search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire professional cleaners to keep your home sanitized and free from germs.

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