How Are Roof Repairs Done And What Do They Cost

If your roof is experiencing water leakage, such as water leaking from the ceiling and into your living area, it’s time to fix it! Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring minor roof leaks, and delay roof repairs until they are too costly. A minor leak can quickly grow into a major problem that will need a costly roof replacement.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Roof Repair

Roofers estimate the cost of repairing your roof by looking at many factors.

1. The Age of Your Roof

How easy it is to match your existing roof depends on its age. It doesn’t matter if your roof is made from shingles, slates, metal, wood or tiles. Finding the right match can prove difficult if it is older. Your contractor might have to remove a large area of your roof in order to match the materials. This can significantly increase the cost for roof repairs.

2. What needs to be repaired?

Roofs can be significantly more expensive if they have skylights or chimneys. Your roofer should inspect the shingles and check for any damage or leaks, even if they aren’t necessary to be replaced.

These roofing penetrations can cause labor costs to rise. You will be charged an additional cost if the flashing that seals your chimneys and skylights to your roof needs to be replaced.

3. How long it takes to complete the repair

The estimated time to repair the roof will be determined by the roofer. This should be stated in the estimate. If the job involves more complex work, such as insulation installation, flashing repair, or working around skylights and chimneys, then the estimated time frame will be longer.

Roof Repair: The Process

A trusted local roofing contractor is the first step in repairing a roof. Before quoting you, the roofer will schedule a time that is convenient for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Roofing Inspection – Your roofer will inspect your roof and make a detailed evaluation of the roof to determine what needs fixing. This initial visit can take place within a few days after you call or during peak season, up to a week.
  • Issue of a Quote and a Contract – Your roofer will provide you with a quote that details the repairs required and their cost. After you accept the estimate and sign the contract, work will be assigned to an internal team depending on the type and complexity of the repair.
  • Start of the Work – A notification will be sent to you letting you know when the roofing crew will arrive at the house with the materials and tools needed to start the repairs. It should take less than a day to complete the work, but it may take longer depending upon the extent of the work and how accessible your roof is.
  • Final Cleanup and Inspection – Finally, your roofer will clean up and inspect your yard and collect any debris or materials left over from your roofing job.

Your roofer will walk you around after the job is complete to ensure you are satisfied. The roofer will then call you a few days later to confirm your satisfaction with the work.

A trusted local roofer can reduce the headache!

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