Getting The Most Out Of Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term that homeowners should be well aware of. Any individual who has attempted to sell a property will also know of its importance. Even in the current housing market, which remains persistently buoyant, estate agents are actively encouraging property owners to prioritise their curb appeal to both ensure quick sales and increase asking prices upon homes.

Whether you are about to undergo a property sale or would simply like to increase the prospective value of your home, it is always worthwhile to consider improving the appearance and quality of your property, both in terms of structure and landscape. In fact, homes with gardens should pay particular attention to curb appeal because natural spaces are prone to overgrowth and disarray. To help you get the most out of your home’s curb appeal, we’ve put together a handy guide showcasing the most essential tips.


First impressions matter for houses as they do people and giving your property a fresh coat of paint is just like donning a new outfit. Our home’s exterior paint slowly degrades and fades over time, and this leads to both a lower curb appeal and a depreciation in property value, despite the fact that the quality is only superficial.

A fresh coat of paint is, relatively speaking, one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the value of your home. So, before you put your property on the market, be sure to find a warm week and get the rollers out!

Garden Focus

One of the most polarising assets of a property is the garden. While many buyers are actively seeking a garden space, many others can be just as easily put off by the potential upkeep or initial work that must be invested for the outdoor space to be enjoyed.

To remedy this, be sure to not only tidy up your garden to a state of beauty and, importantly, safety but also consider low maintenance assets, such as log cabins, since these will increase the curb appeal of your property while lowering the maintenance required for a homeowner to enjoy their outdoor space.

Clean and Tidy

You might think that the idea of cleaning a home’s exterior before showcasing it to the market would be an obvious tip and yet estate agents continue to encounter homeowners who have failed to put in the effort to freshen up their property’s appearance.

Whether it is cleaning the gutters, plucking up weeds, or washing the windows, ensuring your home is clean and tidy is of the utmost importance when looking to obtain market value for your home. As an additional consideration, be sure to tackle any repairs prior to placing your house on the market. If you fail to do so, buyers will deduct such potential costs from their offers.

Seek Advice

Consulting with estate agents is an essential part of selling your home and their experience will make their advice indispensable during the preparation of a property sale. Be sure, however, not to tie yourself to solely one business, since the experience and expertise of another could be more valuable.

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