Four Ways to Make Your Home Lockdown Friendly

Experiencing a national lockdown, for the first or second time, changes the way which we look at our homes. Our idea of what constitutes necessary space changes. We may begin to realise that our home doesn’t receive as much natural light as we initially thought and that, during the day, it is actually quite noisy outside. These issues we may have otherwise avoided had we continued to commute into the city for work or spent our afternoons outside. However, when we spend almost every hour inside, our experiences and preferences become different.

If you are unhappy with your home or feel that it is not as lockdown friendly as it might be, then these are the four tips you need to both adapt your property and improve your wellbeing, perhaps even improving your home’s value along the way.

Enable Your Hobbies

One of the most difficult factors of lockdown is being denied access to our hobbies and recreational activities. Gyms and cinemas are closed, along with bars and cafes, and, as businesses struggle, many are unsure if they will reopen again. Instead of denying yourself these interests, bring them into your home. This way, instead of your home being associated with isolation, you will be able to transform it into a place of comfort and activity, continuing to enjoy your workout routine and luxury coffee throughout any number of lockdown situations.

Outside Space

If you have a garden space, then you’re in good fortune as it has become one of the most sought after property assets amid the pandemic, as more residents desire a natural and private outdoor space to enjoy.

Instead of watching your lawn overgrow or your grill collect rust, take the time to transform your outdoor space into something you love, whether that’s a green and wild retreat or one with a log cabin for your own secret cinema room.

Natural Design

For the same reasons we value having an outdoor space, welcoming natural light and design into our homes is beneficial. For some, this is expressed with a significant number of house plants and for others it is the materials of our furniture, embracing wood over plastic.

However you go about designing your home, there is evidence that a brighter home, one that embraces nature, tends to have a profoundly positive effect upon our mental health. So, as we continue to experience isolation, it becomes more important to take our interior design into consideration.

Space to Switch Off

Whether working from home or entertaining ourselves through lockdown, we often surround ourselves with screens, maintaining an online connection saturated in blue light. While there is no intrinsic issue with this, it can be difficult to regulate and limit the time we spend looking at a screen, making it more important that we have a space without distractions.

Whether a small reading nook or a seat on the balcony, having a dedicated, non-digital space to retreat into, one without the distraction of notifications, will allow you to switch off, ultimately benefitting your relaxation and mental health.

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