Four Reasons French Door Refrigerators are Popular Among Homeowners

Over the years, manufacturers of French door refrigerators have perfected the design, making them more dependable and more affordable. They are designed with two side-by-side doors on top and a pull-out freezer drawer on the bottom. French door refs such as the LFD22786ST model combine some of the best features of previous fridge models. The high-tech model is even Wi-Fi-enabled.

Below are the features that make these refrigerators stand out in the market:

Flexible Storage Options

Although a French door fridge has side-by-side doors, it has a vast, connected interior space. This provides you with access to the fridge’s full width for storing huge items. Also, it comes with adjustable shelving and drawers that can be rearranged, ensuring you won’t lack fridge storage.

The majority of the freezers are also deep and have several levels, with sliding drawers or baskets. This ensures you can put the items you frequently use on top and those you don’t frequently use on the bottom.

French door fridges are centered at chest height, so you can easily reach any item you need. You don’t have to worry about bending a lot and straining your back to get into your crisper drawers.

Energy Efficiency

Whenever you open your fridge, cold air escapes while you search for the food you need. Your refrigerator churns through energy to cool itself back down to optimal temperature. By having to open just one door, you keep half of its compartment closed while you get something. This reduces “cold air spill” which translates to less energy used for maintaining the fridge’s internal temperature.

Stylish Design

French door refrigerators are a subtle way of offering your kitchen a sleek, industrial look. And you have some options in terms of add-ons. These include external digital temperature controls, a door alarm, door bins, LED lighting, internet connectivity, and an indoor TV.

Space Saving

French door fridges have narrow doors that take up less kitchen space when they are open. If you have a tight kitchen space, cutting the kitchen doors’ clearance in half will improve mobile and make your kitchen feel and look bigger. The low-profile of half-width fridge doors have been able to save a lot of tight floor plans, particularly when you spring for the counter-depth configuration that shrinks the fridge’s depth so it sits flush with the counters. The best thing is that although the doors take up less room, you don’t compromise on refrigeration space.

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