Four Reasons Black Granite Countertops are Popular

Black granite is made from hardened magma that flows out from the Earth’s crust. It has been loved by homeowners and remodelers because of its natural patterns and color transitions. There are a lot of granite slabs on the market; however, black granite countertops have gathered a lot of fans. The following are the common reasons this type of countertops has dominated the world of home remodeling:

They can Increase your Home’s Luxurious Appeal

Whether you want to remodel your home to satisfy your desire or prepare it for future sale, countertops made of granite are a winner in terms of timeless beauty and elegance. Granite has finer veining patterns with specks of other colors due to the presence of other minerals. Such patterns allow the visibility of seams even when using black granite for smaller surface areas. A black granite kitchen features a dark rich color that portrays a dramatic feel in the space. Also, black is in demand because of its contrast with light-colored cabinetry.

They are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Black granite has better anti-stain properties than other kinds of granite, which makes it easier to clean them. Also, it improves the non-porous trait of a polished surface, making it more resistant to stains and spills. But, you should apply impregnating sealants to secure the anti-stain and anti-bacterial properties of your countertops.

To clean your countertops made of black granite, use a neutral soap solution and soft sponge or towel to wipe off the surface. Do not use abrasive pads or scrubbers to remove debris and stains because they can destroy the sealant film. Moreover, sealing maintenance for these countertops is performed just once every year.

They are Durable

Granite stone is known for its high resistance against dents and scratches. But, you can preserve the aesthetics and polished finish of your black granite countertops by using chopping boards when using a knife.

They Come in Various Types

There are many black granite countertops to pick from that suit your remodeling project. The most famous kinds include Absolute Black, Brazilian Black, and Galaxy Black granite. The Galaxy black granite will produce a starry night appeal in the counter while the Absolute Black offers a rich, deep dark background with less zero visible veinings.

You can choose from many affordable and high-quality stone countertops for any remodeling projects. Most suppliers also offer a collection of quartz, porcelain, and marble, in addition to granite.

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