Building a Pool for Your Backyard: What You Should Know Before You Start  

Many homeowners are always looking for ways to add value to their homes while building addtions or addons to the house. Adding new appliances to the kitchen or remodelling a bathroom are great ways to give your home a breath of fresh air and add value to the property. Looking to the exterior of the home, building a pool on the property is a sure fire way to get value added to the home. The possibilities seem endless when you think of all the wonderful times you can have in your very own yard once there is a pool installed. But before you invite everyone over for the first backyard pool party you may want to take some time to consider the investment that will be required, check any municipal codes, and consider the landscaping design.


Building a pool on your property is a serious investment that requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Some may qualify to get a loan from the bank for a home improvement project while others may want to save up for their pool. Either way, you want to know how your money is being spend. But in order to make your money back on your investment, proper upkeep and maintenance are paramount.

Codes and Compliance

Before the first shovel goes in the ground when you start your pool you must check with all codes and regulations in your city. If you live in NSW, swimming pool compliance is very important so you don’t run into any liability issues. Fencing around your yard or pool is very important when meeting codes. This will help keep any unfortunate incidents from happening in your pool. Fencing is something that you should consider as well since you will need something once the pool is completed.


Build a pool is your opportunity to turn your back yard into an oasis. But this won’t happen without careful planning. Some things you may want to consider when designing a backyard around a pool are:

  • Patio Space
  • Grill/cooking space
  • Fire pit
  • Water features

Having a pool is a great way to entertain friends and family. Before you build your pool try to think about what you would like around the pool as well. It’s a perfect time to design your dream yard with a patio space for entertaining guest, a grill for great afternoon BBQ’s, and a fire pit is a great way to enjoy the backyard even when it’s cold outside. You can also install water features like waterfalls or fountains for added serenity. It’s your time to make your dream backyard a reality. Take it slow and consider everything beforehand to make sure you get exactly what you desire out of your new backyard oasis.









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