5 Ways to Successfully Organise a Self-Storage Unit

If you’ve decided to rent a storage unit and you’ll be packing it full of personal items, make sure you organise everything before you get going. Initially, you may not have a lot of stuff, but things can quickly change, and your storage unit becomes crammed with all kinds of items. If you want to be able to find stuff when you need, it is important to organise the unit.

  1. Label Boxes – One of the easiest things you can do to organise your self-storage unit is to label boxes. How many times have you packed boxes full of items without knowing what is inside? The next time you see the same box, you have to go rummaging around inside to find out what you’ve packed into it. A simple solution is to label boxes and containers with the contents to make identification easy.
  1. Make a List – Make sure to write down an inventory of all the items you have stored inside. If you’ve labelled boxes and containers, this will be easy. Self-storage solutions in South Eastern Melbourne are incredibly convenient only if you bother to organise them. In addition to writing down everything, you can also use photographic records.
  1. Draw a Map – If you plan on storing a lot of items in a large unit, why not make a map of where you’ve put specific things? A small unit won’t require a detailed map, but a large unit can hold a mountain of items and finding them without assistance can be a nightmare.
  1. Create Sections – When organising your unit, you can keep the same items in the same location. For example, stuff that won’t be used often can go to the back. While items you need regular access too can be stored close to the door.
  1. Shelving – Temporary shelving makes packing, retrieving, and organising a lot easier. Erect the shelves along the perimeter and make good use of vertical space. Sturdy shelving is great for odd-shaped or fragile items that needs to be kept away from heavier, bulky items in storage.

Following all the points mentioned above will help you to organise your self-storage unit and making packing and retrieving items a lot easier. Organising your storage unit will prevent injuries as you won’t fall over any containers or have boxes fall on you. If you want to quickly locate an item, organising the unit will make a huge difference.

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